What’s on the back of yours?

I’m just about to get some business cards printed. After 2½ years of the same card I’ve decided it’s time to ring the changes. So, on the back of the card I’m going to put a statement as to why I do what I do – what I’m calling ‘My Passion & Purpose’.

My first thought was that this would help attract the sort of people I could help and enjoy working with. My second thought was that it would serve as a regular and visual reminder to me of the people I wanted to work with and believed I could help – a sort of ‘reality touchstone’ for me.

Like many other people who run small businesses I’ve sometimes fallen into the trap of believing I can help everyone. And that everyone needs and my help.

I can think of 2 reasons why I believe this. Firstly, I think it is true – it’s not! Secondly, if I say ‘no’ this week, I might not get asked next week – again, not true.

I need to get back to reality and realise that not everyone wants to be helped. (I do believe that all of us benefit from some form of help from someone).

A quick check of my numbers over the years shows that enquiries have always come in and will therefore always come in (because we’ll continue marketing and continue doing a good job). So that dispels myth 2.

Like many others, when I look back I realize that I’ve chased (!) leads that I should have let go and I’ve worked with people where it hasn’t worked out. In these cases, if I’m honest, my intuition/instinct (call it what you will) told me to stop and not go ahead. I choose to ignore the advice.

I believe that my intuition knew what my true passion & purpose was. It was acting as a sort of internal guidance system.

When I set up my business 7 years ago I wrote down my purpose – and it hasn’t really changed in that time. I’ve reviewed it periodically. But there have also been times when it’s faded.

The reason for putting it on the back of my business card?

I obviously need all the help I can get in reminding myself why I do what I do. I need reminding of how to recognize who needs help and who I can help best. I need reminding that my intuition is usually right; that my purpose & passion is part of my DNA; that when I do what I do best I feel alive and excited; that it’s in these situations when I have maximum impact; when I really help people progress, grow and get great results; and when, as a result of delivering a truly valued service, material rewards flow – although for all of us, there’s a lag between giving and getting!

So what’s going on the back of mine?

“Our passion & purpose is to teach, support and inspire people to develop their full potential and create extra-ordinary businesses.”

More importantly, under the heading of Purpose & Passion, what would you put on the back of your card? What is your ‘reality touchstone’? Please share.

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Thank you.

Mark Dyble

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