When is a Vision not a Vision?

When is a Vision not a Vision?

When you know how to do it.

If you know how to achieve your vision, it’s not a vision – it’s a goal. What you need then is a plan and the discipline to implement your plan.

A vision is something you don’t know how to achieve! You just know that in your eyes it’s meaningful and significant; that you feel passionately about it; that it excites you – and perhaps even frightens you a bit. (If I go public, will people laugh? Will they think I’m a dreamer? Will I be setting myself up to fail? Should I be aiming for something more achievable?)

Your vision should inspire you. And it should inspire your people. It should fire their imaginations. It should act as a recruitment magnet too, attracting some people whilst repelling others. Visions suggest commitment so they should definitely repel nine to fivers who want to turn up just for the pay cheque.

Once you put a compelling vision out there, assuming that it has the potential to positively impact our world in some small way, it has a tendency to attract other resources too – money, contacts and connections, opportunities, etc.

And by the way, a vision generally doesn’t have numbers or percentages or targets in it. And it certainly isn’t a statement about how you’re going to become financially wealthy. That may happen as a byproduct but it’s not what visions are about.

Visions are pictures of the future. They’re best shared in person. It’s often the conviction and passion and humility of not know how we’re going to do it that is the contagion.

And it doesn’t have to be condensed down in to a strap line or a sound bite or something we frame and put on the wall. That may be something that emerges in time. Initially it flows from the heart. It’s something you’ve thought about a great deal and when you start speaking the words just flow.

So, what’s your dream? What’s your vision?

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