Time Management Focus Leads to Increased Business Success

Time Management Focus Leads to Increased Business Success

Every time management workshop I run is slightly different to the last one. In addition to those timeless time management principles, there are always new stories, experiences, ideas and learnings to weave in. This time, one of my new slides asked a question that absorbed a disproportionate amount of time and proved difficult to answer.


The main thrust of my time management workshops is centred on effectiveness and efficiency. Doing the right things – then doing things right. But to what end? Why are we striving to do more in less time? What exactly is it we’re striving for?

A Focus for our Time Management

The question that seemed to get everyone thinking was:

“A good life?”

Before we dive into our time management strategies and tactics lets think about why we’re doing this. So, for you, what constitutes a good life? And how does your ‘current life’ measure up against what you believe is a ‘good life’ or a ‘life well lived’.

Some people didn’t want to stop and answer the question. They just wanted to ‘crack on’. For you, is it an important question to answer? For me it’s potentially scary. The answer may throw into question what I’m doing now. Whilst I may be very efficiently squeezing more in, I may not be adding to what, for me, I’d define as a ‘good life’.

Time Management Self Coaching

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It’s important to take a little bit of time out (15 minutes over coffee is a good start) and jot down what a ‘good life’ looks like. It’s likely you’ll need to revisit the question as you build up a clear picture of a good life. Certainly you’ll need to periodically take stock and compare today’s life against the life we want to create.

I think you’ll be surprised by what you have already in terms of a ‘good life’. Perhaps you don’t need to strive quite so much. Perhaps you don’t need to squeeze more in. Ironically, perhaps you need to drop a few things that add little value or little joy to your life. (Another good question is, “Does this thing or activity add any value or joy to my life?”)

Perhaps you don’t need to go to another time management workshop!

But perhaps it’d be useful to come along to one of our planning workshops. A day’s planning (and thinking) gives you an opportunity to step-back from your daily busy-ness and reconnect with or rediscover your longer-term aspirations (professionally and personally). A day’s planning is about distilling out the one or two key things to focus on over the coming 4 months. A by-product of the planning day process is a boost in energy and enthusiasm to take those actions and make those changes. My aim is always that your day helps you recognise where you’re at, where your heading and the actions you need to commit to in your pursuit of a ‘good life’.

Planning Your Future

Our next planning day is on Friday 28th April at Altrincham Town Hall (9:30am – 4:00pm). The investment is £195+vat – although if you’ve read the whole of this article I’ll extend the early bird of £125! Simply drop me an email at mark@markdyble.com, call or WhatsApp me on 07931 882 555 or register via Eventbrite.

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  1. To me, the essence of “A good life” is happiness and as that involves what is going on in our head, that is what we should focus on.

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