The ONE Piece of Tech Advice for Small Business

The ONE Piece of Tech Advice for Small Business

Howard Simms, CEO of Apadmi, the world-renowned, Manchester-based app developer, closed an excellent presentation earlier this year by encouraging us to always be asking, “How can technology help our business?”

So I ask that question of myself and others.

I recently heard an excellent presentation from Graham Fern, Director of Axon, the cloud-computing solutions provider. So I asked Graham, “If there was just one piece of tech that every small business should consider, what would it be?”

This was his answer.

“Mark for a small business almost any mainstream cloud service will allow the secure sharing of information. But being a Microsoft based business my focus is in their technology, therefore I would recommend without any doubt Office 365 Business Premium (which is approximately £7.80 per user per month). This gives email, SharePoint (your company server in the cloud for document management ), OneDrive (your personal document storage in the cloud), Delve (document search system), Skype for Business (for collaboration and communication), Yammer (social networking for Business), office online & Office 2016 (word, excel etc for your PC or mobile device). Effectively that gives you everything a typical business needs in one package be they one user or a business of hundreds of users. Simply put run you business for less than a cup of coffee a week!”

I’m sure that Graham would be happy to help if you needed him to expand on that advice.

If you’re a small business – a very small business (i.e. just you or you and a pal) – then we’ve got 2 days next month that you’ll be interested in. We’ve run action planning workshops every 90-days for the past 10 years. We’ve now adapted the process to specifically cater for the needs of micro-businesses. You have specific needs that we know first hand (given that the ‘we’ I refer to is just me!). As well as giving you a practical short-term (October to January) plan to improve business (more business, less business, better business, less time, less stress, more fun – whatever you need more or less of), I KNOW and I PROMISE that you will leave the day inspired, enthused and re-energised to crack on. And we could all do with that now and again.

You have a choice of 2 dates: Tuesday 11th October and Thursday 27th October.

Here’s the link to register: Planning Workshop for Micro Businesses

You may also qualify for a 60% discount on the day-rate so drop me a line ( or give me a call (07931 882 555)

Mark Dyble

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