Take This 5-Minute Coffee-Break Test to Determine ‘How Rich You Are Relative To Your Peers?’

Take This 5-Minute Coffee-Break Test to Determine ‘How Rich You Are Relative To Your Peers?’

In his seminal book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Napoleon Hill lists in order of importance the12 Riches of Life – see below.

This is how the test works.

Simply score yourself out of 10 for how rich you are or feel in each area.

Share the exercise with a good friend, colleague or family member. Suggest sharing your findings when you’ve completed the exercise.

If you’d like to take the exercise one stage further think about how you could easily and practically make a 7 an 8 or a 4 a 5. You may be tempted to dive in and want to take a 4 to a 9. You’ll make more sustainable progress by simply aiming to make a 4 a 5 and then a 6 etc. For the same reason, perhaps start with just one area.

You may want to take a few reflective minutes to think of the supporting evidence or examples for your score. That awareness of and gratitude for your ‘riches’ or blessings in a particular area will generate a feeling of calmness and peace and is likely to encourage you to create even greater riches in the future.

Economic Security (money and assets) is on the list but in terms of importance is number 12. How many of us strive disproportionately in that area? Perhaps being aware of the other 11 riches might over time result in increased Economic Security.

Have a little bit of fun with it. Life is here to be enjoyed. And it is a Friday after all!

  1.  A Positive Mental Attitude
  2.  Sound physical health
  3.  Harmony in human relationships
  4.  Freedom from fear
  5.  The hope of achievement
  6.  The capacity for faith
  7.  A willingness to share one’s blessings
  8.  A labour of love
  9.  An open mind on all subjects
  10. Self-discipline
  11. The capacity to understand people
  12. Economic security

If you’ve never read or listened to ‘Think and Grow Rich’ then consider investing in a copy (The Kindle edition is free!). It’s a potentially life-changing book. It’s the output of 20 years research and study of the most successful people of the early 20th Century. 2017 is the 80th anniversary of its first publication. Given the timeless nature of the principles it shares it’s as relevant now as it was then.

Mark Dyble

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