Why NOT to Support ‘Small Business Saturday’

Why NOT to Support ‘Small Business Saturday’

The UK is celebrating its first Small Business Saturday on 7 December 2013.  Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for small businesses to promote themselves and generate trade. The initiative is supported by national and local government, small business organisations such as The Federation of Small Business, local authorities, community groups, big businesses, banks, accountants and others.  (Further details below.)

3 Reasons Why I Wouldn’t Support a Local, Small Business:

  1. Out of pity.  Just because a business is local and small is no reason to support it.
  2. It just isn’t good enough.  It doesn’t provide me with what I need.
  3. It’s poor attitude.  It seems to think it’s hard done to and has a right to survive.  Life’s too short to listen to a moaner.

…and 21 Reasons Why I Might Support a Local, Small Business:

  1. Bottom line? It gives me what I need when I need it.
  2. It represents good value.  Surprisingly good value.  I thought big equals cheap and small equals expensive.  Often not true.
  3. Payment terms are really easy – cash, card, cheque, SO, BACs, on account.
  4. They’re easy to get to.  Opening hours are really good too.
  5. They’re really responsive and flexible.
  6. And they’re quick.  They make decisions fast.
  7. They really know their stuff.  A very knowledgeable bunch. They even answer the questions I don’t know I should be asking!
  8. There’s never any ‘not our policy sir’ or ‘it’s more than my job’s worth’ or ‘I’ll have to ask the boss’.
  9. They always seem to be improving and getting better.  They’re always introducing new products – and let me know about them.
  10. They have a great reward scheme for loyal customers.
  11. They listen to my ideas and suggestions.  They’ll even go out of their way to sort out special requests.
  12. They’re friendly.  They know my name (and my kid’s names) and they remember things about me.
  13. They always seem pleased to see me.  They’re a positive smiley bunch.
  14. The place is smart.  It’s always clean and tidy and well organized.
  15. There’s always enough staff around.  And the staff know what they’re doing.  They seem well-trained.  They even done Management Training.  They seem to enjoy working there.  And they’ve been there for ages – they seem like friends now.
  16. They always answer the phone when I call.  They also call me back promptly.
  17. They’re changing with the times.  They have an e-commerce site and I can down-load offers from their Facebook page.
  18. The keep in touch with me regularly.
  19. They sort it out if I’m not happy – and sort it out fast.  They’re always pressing me for feedback – honest feedback.
  20. They get involved in things locally.  They support our school fayre each year and support a local charity I’m involved in.
  21. They gave my son some work experience a couple of years ago.

If you’re a small business and want to find out more about Small Business Saturday, come along to The FREE FSB Support Event on Tuesday 19th November at The Life Centre in Sale (M33 4BP) between 7:00pm and 9:00pm  Register here:   www.fsbsbsktl.eventbrite.com

And also check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SmallBusinessSaturdayUK

Mark Dyble

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