Simply the Hardest Challenge in the World

Simply the Hardest Challenge in the World

Here’s a really simple thing that could transform you business and therefore your life over the next 12 months.

Come back from a great bank holiday weekend and ignore your phone and your email for the first 90-minuties of each working day. Commit to doing it for those 4-days see what happens. A 30-day trial is even better but that may feel too daunting. If it’s beneficial, carry on. If it’s not, stop doing it.

This blog-series is about ‘doing more and better with less effort and in less time’. Come and join us on Monday 12th September at Altrincham Town Hall at 5:50pm for 90-minutes on how to ‘Do More & Better with Less Effort & Time’

Time Tip #4: Choose Wisely What You Do in the First 90-Minutes of Each Day
After just a few days, you’ll start feeling really good about the quality work you’re producing. This momentum and positivity will start impacting other areas too. You’ll be reminded why you’re on the payroll and phone calls and email will find their proper place of importance on your ‘To Do’ list.

So here’s the ‘no phone, no email’ process:
• Remind yourself what your most important goal or opportunity is. Or simply the most important thing you must do tomorrow.
• Commit to doing something towards achieving that goal every day.
• To ensure it get’s done schedule the first 60 or 90 minutes of your day to working on it.
• Tell everyone else what you’re doing, ask not to be disturbed and close your door.
• Give your mobile to someone else and unplug the landline. Or divert it to someone else.
• Make sure all notifications are turned off.
• Play by the rules and check emails on your laptop and on your phone only after completing your 90-minute task of major importance. So if you’re up at 6:30am and get into work at 9:00am, that’s 10:30am!
• Crack on and give it a go.

Here are a few reasons why we default to answering the phone and reading emails from the moment we wake up.
• It means we don’t have to plan our day. Email and phone calls set our priorities.
• It gives us a sense of importance. We’re good at and love fire-fighting and solving problems.
• We like to think that people appreciate us for responding immediately to their requests.
• A frenetic day crammed with all those extra tasks makes the adrenalin flow and makes us feel good.
• We’ve conditioned our staff, suppliers and customers to know that we respond immediately. We think they’ll be upset if we now introduce a new protocol. …and for a while they may be so consider explaining to them what you’re doing and why.
• We haven’t trained anyone else to do the urgent stuff so we can’t delegate it as it won’t get done well enough.
• Spending time sitting around and thinking isn’t really work. We’ve been brought up with that good, honest protestant work-ethic. But if you’re numero uno in your organisation, doing important stuff, which includes thinking, is what you’re paid to do.
I know you can think of a host more reasons.

I’ll share more on this subject at the seminar but here are a couple of tips:
• Take the Mail icon off your screen. Yes, you’ll have to spend 4 seconds longer going to your Apps folder to open it when you need it!
• Take the Mail icon off the main and frequently-used screens on our phone.
• Reply to some emails from your phone. We tend to be far more succinct and people are forgiving of our grammatically-incorrect sentences. And speling.
• Put an out-of-office message on your emails that says you’ll get back to people by the end of the day.
• Get someone to take phone messages during the morning and agree a time-window when you’re able to return calls. Batching out-bound calls is far more efficient.

If you’d like to come along to a to our ‘Do More & Better with Less Effort & Time’
Seminar where we’ll focus on Doing More of the More Important Stuff then here’s your chance:

WHEN: 5:50pm – 7:20pm on Monday 12th September
WHERE: Altrincham Town Hall, Market Street, Altrincham WA14 1PG
COST: £9.29 Donation to Charity (The Oasis Centre in Gorton)

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