Business Development Programmes

All of our programmes aim to improve the performance of your business and to free up your time.

We will cover goal setting & planning; finance; customer service and customer development; time-management; sales and marketing; systems, processes and procedures; recruitment, performance management and team development.

We will develop you as a Leader and Manager.

We will provide a support framework to make sure you do what you need to do.

Kick Start

This programme is for new businesses or businesses where you’re currently under real time pressure.

Interval: We meet once every fortnight.
Main Aim: Freeing up your time and getting the basics in place. Getting more cash flowing into the business.


This programme is for established businesses where the basics are in place. Our focus will be getting you to step up to the next level.

Interval: We meet once per week.
Main Aim: Creating a sales & marketing machine that will significantly improve the profitability of your business.


This programme is for businesses where its time for you to start putting people in place to run the business without your day-to-day involvement.

Interval: We meet once per week and meet with the team once per month.
Main Aim: We’ll be focusing on putting systems & processes in place and training the team to operate those systems. At the end of this stage we may be looking to recruit/promote a general manager.


This is a graduation programme and is available to businesses that have completed one of our other business development programmes.

Interval: We meet once a month.
Main Aim: To keep you on track with your development plan. You are making use of all your business development tools and your team is running the day-to-day operation.

Session Frequency (up to 90 minutes per session) Fortnightly Weekly Weekly
Planning Day (every 4 months) Included Included Included
Training Materials (books, DVDs, CDs) Included Included Included
Business Planning & Alignment Session (1/2 Day) Included Included
Team Engagement & Alignment Session (Full Day) Included
Team Training Workshops (1/2 Day) Once per month

Business Planning Workshops

3 times a year you get the opportunity to plan out the next 4 months. Regular business planning is an essential habit to develop.

These full-day events are held 3 times a year (usually in January, April/May and September). If you’re on one of our business development programmes you’ll be coming along to these events automatically.

We provide you with all the planning materials to facilitate you through the planning process.

This is an open event so you’ll have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with fellow business owners

Workshops (1/2 day, full-day)

Our workshops improve skills and performance in specific areas and include follow-up sessions. People leave our workshops with specific actions. Our follow-up sessions ensure those actions are completed. In short, skill attainment and performance is improved.

  • Marketing – standing out and generating leads
  • Selling – how to turn leads into paying customers
  • Presentation Skills – present with confidence and influence your audience
  • Basic Finance – numbers and finance for the business owner
  • Cash Collection – how to get your money
  • Communication Skills – how to understand and be understood
  • Leadership Skills
  • Recruitment and Performance Management
  • Time Management

Workshops will be tailored to you and your team’s needs.