A Light-Hearted Way To End The Week

A Light-Hearted Way To End The Week

Here’s a 35-minute team activity to end your day before we all rush off for the long weekend.

The first quarter of 2018 is drawing to a close. If you headed into the year with a plan this is a good time to review progress against plan. If you didn’t have a specific plan this is also a good time to recognise progress.

Let the team know about the meeting. Ask them to think about just a few questions over lunch. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. In their opinion, what good things have happened in the business/organisation over the past 3 months?
  2. Why did each of those good things happen?
  3. Why is each of those things significant or important to you/us?
  4. How might we get even more of those good things next quarter?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised what impact this discussion will have. Question 4 will throw up some of the roadblocks and problems that hinder progress. Those problems have always been there but you’ll all see them differently. You’ll come at them from a position of strength. This new context and approach is far more empowering and resolving than old problem-solving approaches.

Finish the session by discussing what they feel the organisation’s priority should be for Q2. That’s priority singular – focus on just one thing. If there’s wholehearted support around one theme that’s a fabulous outcome to your meeting.

Agree to reconvene on Tuesday. Ask the team to come forward with ideas and actions for themselves that will feed into the organisational priority you’ve identified for Q2.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to review, reflect, realign, recommit and go again!

(I love facilitating these team sessions so please ask if you think I can help. …but I can’t make this afternoon!)

If Easter is about anything, I guess it’s about resurrection and rebirth.

So are there things in your professional or personal life you need to resurrect? Things that worked in the past that you’ve stopped doing? People you used to keep in touch with but the relationship’s gone cold?

Or perhaps you want to drop an old habit and birth a new one? Drop some unhelpful or low value activities and start some better ones? Easter seems like a psychologically good time to have a go. Although the very best time to start doing something good is…now!

To start doing something new we have to make space for it. Starting something always involves stopping something. Be clear about what you’re going to stop. If you’re going to start something new, start small. Make it easy for yourself; so easy you can’t fail. Building a track record of success, however small your daily activity, will give you the proof that you can do this. Initially identity is more important than progress.

Enjoy the weekend. May the clouds clear away and may we all enjoy some sunshine!

Mark Dyble

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