Is it Helpful Living with Dead People?

Is it Helpful Living with Dead People?

We are all influenced by our environment – and to a greater degree than we imagine. Our physical surroundings can affect how we feel and in turn affect how we behave/work.

A bigger influence is our people environment – the people we hang around with. Jim Rohn claims that we are the average of the 5 people we spend most time with. For better or for worse, we tend to be ‘infected’ by the people we’re in contact with.

Put a ‘positive’ person with 4 ‘negative’ people and over time that person’s positivity will drain away. And vice versa.

So, are the people you mix with energy ‘sappers’ or energy ‘zappers’? If the former, change the people you hang around with. Life’s too short.

…and if they’re family and work colleagues and they’re energy sappers, minimize the time you spend with them. Ensure the rest of the time is spent with people who give you energy.

If you lead a team (that needs some attention), recognize that you won’t ever change them directly. However, their behaviour will change if you change their environment – which might mean a little bit of trail-and-error experimentation. (This is the Law of Side-Effects (or Precession))

So where do dead people come into this?

I stepped out of my comfort zone a few weeks ago when I volunteered to give a talk this morning on Buckminster Fuller. I’d heard the name but knew nothing about the guy. I’d never met him and I’m not likely to given that he died 30 years ago.

However, over the last couple of weeks I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time with him – through his books and recordings. And as a result, he’s positively influenced my thinking and how I go about my work. So, dead people can be part of our people environment and can have a positive impact.

And its true, stepping into an uncomfortable situation is really just an improvement opportunity. (If you’re feeling uncomfortable, have a momentary courage-surge and put your hand up!)

This is the slide I finished my talk with. Though provoking stuff from the man who had the longest Who’s Who entry in America.

If you’d benefit from an injection of learning, put your hand up and come along to our seminar on Wed 28th October at The Life Centre.

Mark Dyble