How will you know today has been a good day?

How will you know today has been a good day?

At the beginning of your day, if you did nothing else, what is the one most important thing to do today?

At the end of the day, check whether you’ve done it or not.

If you have, it’s been a good day.

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…and here are a few other thoughts about your day:

It’s good to write down your one thing.

It’s good to write it down the day before.

And it’s good if your one thing is something that will move you towards your most important goal.

Obviously you can add a 2nd and a 3rd task to your list if you really want to.

Note down any good fortune you have during your day. Someone thanks you for something. Someone buys you a coffee. Some pays you a compliment. Some one waits and lets you pull out in traffic. One of your children sends you a nice text. You find a tenner in your rarely worn jacket pocket. You have a brilliant idea for your spouse’s Christmas present.

Do you look forward to starting your day? Or finishing your day?

Do you look to get through your day? Or look to get from your day?

‘Have a good day’? How about ‘make it a good day’.

Mark Dyble