How to Exploit the Efforts of Your Friends

How to Exploit the Efforts of Your Friends

This short piece will help you get better results from the effort you put into your day. If we’re talking time-management then one of the key things we’ve got to talk about is ‘Leverage’ – doing more with less.

This blog-series is about ‘Doing More & Better in Less Time & with Less Effort’. Come and join us on Monday 12th September at Altrincham Town Hall at 5:50pm for 90-minutes on how to ‘Do More & Better in Less Time & with Less Effort’

Time Tip #6: How you can LEVERAGE your Time, Mistakes and Even Your Friends

We’re encouraged to learn from our mistakes. Getting our there, trying new stuff, falling over, getting up, falling over, getting up and going again is the way to success. However, we can accelerate that learning process by not insisting that we make all our own mistakes. Sam Levenson famously said, “You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” Many business books, especially those written by successful people, are often a distillation of the mistakes that other people have made over their life-time. A life-time’s worth of trial and error, failure and success, condensed into a couple of hundred pages that you can read over a couple of evenings. Take away one or two key ideas or insights and give them a go for yourself and it could improve your business and therefore your life. This is good leverage. Of all the important things in business, how good you get is probably the most important. Reading on purpose is good for you. And reading fiction is good too – for your imagination.

Another level of leverage is to collaborate with some like-minded individuals. Growing up we’re fed a diet of Independence and Competition. But one of the keys to the good life is Collaboration. We will achieve more by collaborating rather than competing; by being inter-dependent rather than independent.

Here’s an idea. How about hooking up with 2 or 3 friends or associates and agreeing to read one book a month. Everyone has to produce a 3-sentence and a 300-word summary of their key take-outs from the book. You’ll get far more from the book knowing that you’ve got to draw out and share your findings. Get together over a coffee or a beer for 90-minutes and share what you’ve learnt. You might want to share what you’re going to do as a result of what you’ve read – peer accountability is good. Then decide on the books for the next month.

The 3-sentence summary idea came from an email I recently received from James Clear – 3-sentence summaries of 39 popular books that he’s read recently.

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