Here’s a quick post for a Friday afternoon before heading off for a few sunny days…

Here’s a quick post for a Friday afternoon before heading off for a few sunny days…

Time Tip #2: Go on holiday and don’t think about work.

Hopefully you’ll have some time away from work over the coming weeks.
However, in this world of 24/7 connectivity, it’s a real challenge to genuinely have ‘time away from work’. As a minimum most of us feel we should at least keep on top of our emails. Yet it’s vital to have a period when we really do have a break.
There are a few obvious reasons:
• To unwind, relax and enjoy time with the family.
• To refresh and reenergise our bodies and minds.
• To enjoy the fruits of our labour and do some travelling.

And a few less obvious ones:
• Stretching the rest of the team and letting them learn and prove their worth.
• Finding the bits of the business that can’t do without us. (And improving those processes when we get back.)

But there’s one that I feel is of major importance:
• Our greatest insights suddenly and magically appear when we totally remove ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally from a situation.

Even for those of you who can successfully switch off your thinking, you won’t be able to stop the insights coming.

The key is to capture them and do something with them when you get back. A brilliant insight can change the course of your business and potentially your whole life for the better.

In ‘time-management’, doing the right things always comes before doing things right. If you’re the boss, it’s your job to do the ‘big picture’ stuff. So. if you’re going to come back with business-changing insights perhaps you should be taking more holidays!

If I’ve eaten up too much of your time and not delivered sufficient value then please…

If you’d like to come along to a Time-Management Seminar where we’ll focus on ‘Doing The Right Things’ before ‘Doing Things Right’, then here’s your chance:

WHAT: I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Have Time! Practical, Proven Ways to Free-Up Your Time.
WHEN: 5:50pm – 7:20pm on Monday 12th September
WHERE: Altrincham Town Hall, Market Street, Altrincham WA14 1PG
COST: £9.29 Donation to Charity (The Oasis Centre in Gorton)

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