Good Looking Business Leaders have an Advantage

We all like attractive. We all want to be attractive.

If we don’t – then we should. The more attractive we are (like a powerful magnet), the more good things we’ll pull into our orbit.

Poor Customer Service
I was party to a conversation yesterday when someone (who ran a business) was complaining about the shortcomings on some of their team. Apparently these people had been trained – several times. They had been told time and time again – as per the operations manual. They had ‘reminder’ posters dotted around the office. They could earn an ‘incentive’ for ‘good customer service’. There was the threat of a disciplinary process for ‘getting it wrong’. Yet, there were apparently a continuing stream of mistakes; costly ones that impacted customers and therefore the business.

The complainant wasn’t sure if they didn’t care; if they were distracted by engaging in office gossip; if they were doing it deliberately to wind him up; or if they were just plain stupid!

Who’s Responsible for Staff Performance?
Well, we’re not going to solve staff performance in the next few hundred words! But we can understand where to start the improvement process.

The place for us to start is to understand who’s ultimately responsible. And that’s….us! We are ultimately responsible. So we start by looking at ourselves. We look in the mirror and question our own performance.

Let’s remember that the people who don’t seem to care about customer service are the very same people we recruited, inducted, trained and set objectives for. These are the same people that we lead and manage on a daily basis.

Our people are a reflection of us. And we get the people we deserve. Harsh. But fair. Accept the truth of that statement and we’ll find ourselves in a good, honest place to start doing something about it.

As Business Leaders we need to Start with Ourselves
If we want great people we need to be a great leader. If we want to attract the best people we need to be building a great business.

And that doesn’t mean being big. We can be a business of one about to employ our first team member and be great. Great in terms of:
• our vision
• our values
• our integrity
• our humility
• our attitude
• our manners
• our focus
• our standards
• our willingness and ability to communicate
• our honesty and transparency
• how we interact with people (suppliers, customers, cold-callers, etc.)
• our appearance (yes, our appearance)
…we can add to this list – and should.

What Do Staff Find Attractive
Good question. Perhaps over a coffee this morning we can start making our own list (and scoring ourselves out of 10 on each item!) We can start observing other people in leadership positions and see what it is that makes them attractive or unattractive. We can ask some of the loyal and dedicated people that work for someone why they’re so committed. We can think back to when we were a follower rather than a leader and remember what we found attractive or unattractive.

Being attractive as a leader is not the whole story in terms of building a high-performing team of engaged and committed people. It’s not even the whole story about recruiting the right people. But it’s the starting point. And it’s a big starting point.

Do We Want to Grow as Business Leaders?
If we’ve not got the people we want – or they’re not behaving or performing in the way that we’d like, the place to start is the mirror.

And if you haven’t got a mirror, get a business coach who will hold the mirror for you and tell you how it is. It might not be nice but if you truly want to improve and make things better, we need someone to be honest with us. When we’re the boss, it’s very rare that one of team will tell us the truth.

Being blessed with some leadership talent is an advantageous start. But being an effective leader in our own business is more about recognizing and continuously working on our leadership skills. Skills will improve with knowledge, practice and application. (Find yourself a good teacher.) Of all the important things to work on in business, developing our leadership skills is the most important.

So decide today to become more attractive. And do something about it. Today!

Mark Dyble

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