Daily exercises cracked! …and how that might help you and your business.

Daily exercises cracked! …and how that might help you and your business.

Your new year’s resolutions and 2016 goals have hopefully made it through January. I’d like to share with you a simple technique that may help you keep going through February and beyond.

The lesson comes from my desire to get fit. I believe the principles will help you to keep going and to achieve your goals – whatever they are.

Over the years I’ve maintained a decent level of cardiovascular fitness. However, my bodily strength has gradually deteriorated. Towards the end of last year I took on a personal trainer to rectify the situation. I asked only for a ½ hour session and asserted I had NO upper body strength. Sheer determination got me through the first session. Within 24 hours my back ached and a day later I struggled to get out of bed. A strained back kept me out of the gym for 3 weeks. Not good.

With some exercise advice from one of my sisters and having read an article on habits by James Clear I adopted a new approach after Christmas.

  1. Start small.

The ‘plank’ exercise is good for core strength. Could I do that for just 1 minute a day? I think I could. And if I did that daily for a year could it make a difference? I think it could. (Having proved to myself that I could do a minute a day I’m now doing a couple of planks and a few other exercises – 5 minutes in total)

  1. Find an established daily routine and insert the new (small) activity.

I have the same routine everyday when I get out of bed. So, in between shaving and getting in the shower I did my 60-second plank.

  1. Make use of a trigger or reminder.

How to measure 60 seconds? The big clock I place at the back of the room when I do seminars is now on the floor in the corner of the bathroom. I can’t miss it. And it prompts me of the new activity in my morning routine.

  1. If you miss a day, that’s fine – just start again tomorrow.

We all slip up occasionally – sometimes I’m running late. That’s fine – the most disciplined athletes in the world occasionally miss days. They simply start again tomorrow.

My goal? In the SMART sense, I have to admit to not having a one. I just know that if I do those simple exercises everyday I’ll build up and then maintain an adequate level of strength. I clean my teeth every morning without thinking about it. In time, my aim is to do my plank exercises every morning without thinking about it.

Goals fall broadly into 2 categories. Some look like projects where there’s a series of different, sequential steps we plan to follow. Most however are achieved by regularly repeating the same, simple (daily) activities. I believe these 4 steps will help you develop the daily discipline required to achieve your goals:

  1. Start very, very small. (I mean really small. Don’t aim to improve – simply aim to prove to yourself that you can do it.)
  2. Insert the new activity into an existing routine.
  3. Find a trigger to do the activity.
  4. Accept missing a day as normal – just start again tomorrow.

My next Business Development Seminar at The Life Centre is on the morning of Thursday 18th February. Please join us. Perhaps consider bringing a colleague or one of the team. Such occasions help to deepen relationships as you come away with a shared experience to discuss – and act on.

Mark Dyble

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