Could a bag of marbles improve your life?

Could a bag of marbles improve your life?

If you’re the kind of person who wants to grow your business or improve your organisation but you’re not able to join us for next Wednesday’s Planning Workshop, read how a bag of marbles and a simple process could help you make meaningful progress between now and 7th September.

The simple process:

1.  Write down 2 objectives you’d like to achieve over the next 4 months – 1 business, 1 personal. Make them specific. Have some numbers in there. Say when you’ll achieve them by.

2.  Write down 5 reasons WHY these objectives are important – good things that will happen or bad things you’ll avoid.

There’s power in writing.

3.  Tell someone else (a positive, encouraging person) about your objectives and why they’re important to you.

There’s power in speaking. And there’s power in ‘going public’.

4.  Think hard about a simple, easy-to-do, daily activity you can do that will move you towards your objective. Initially, progress isn’t important. Doing the activity everyday is what’s important.

Results can happen without Activity.

5.  Schedule when and where you’re going to do this activity. Actually put it in your dairy.

There’s real power in committing to a time and place.

6.  Decide on a reward for completing your daily activity.

The Marbles:
One activity reward I like is the simple act of moving a marble from one jar to another jar. If I’ve decided that I’m going to call 5 people every day, I’ll have 5 marbles in a glass on one side of my desk. Each time I make a call, I’ll move a marble to the other glass. I’m easily pleased!

We all like instant gratification so find a simple way to meet this need.

A focus on completing an activity every day might not get you exactly where you want to be by 7th September. However, I can guarantee it’ll get you well on your way. Perhaps more importantly, it’ll help you develop a few vital daily disciplines.

We’d love you to join us next Wednesday (27th) at 9:30am at The Life Centre in Sale for our Planning Workshop. We’ve got a great bunch of people coming along. We have a proven planning process which is well facilitated (we’re in our 10th year now). And you’ll leave with 2 things:

  1. A one-page action-plan to grow and improve your organisation/business over the next 4 months
  2. An injection of inspiration, energy and enthusiasm to ‘go-again’ and put your plan it into practice.

Yes, I’d like to come along. Let me book on.


PS If you’d like a bespoke planning session for your team or the opportunity to have a one-to-one planning session then give me a call (07931 882 555) or drop me a line ( Everything’s possible.

Mark Dyble

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