2 Ways Your Business Can Out-Smart the Competition

2 Ways Your Business Can Out-Smart the Competition

The closing stages of Monday evening’s match between Rafael Nadal and Gilles Muller were thrilling, with both players displaying stunning skills and artistry. Why have Nadal, Feder, Djokovic been so good over a long period of time? And can they teach us anything practical to apply to our organisations and lives? Here are 2 things we can all adopt.

Brilliant tennis matches are brilliant because both players play brilliantly. One-sided games are pretty dull by comparison. Ironically, playing easier opponents can make us complacent and cause our skills to atrophy over time.

Perhaps strong competition is therefore helpful. Perhaps strong competition is what brings out our potential; helps stretch and challenge us; helps fire our ingenuity and creativity; helps us become the best we can become. Perhaps we should look at competition differently. Perhaps we should look at competition not as something to be feared and overcome but as something necessary to push us towards excellence and growth.

How we look at things is critical. Changing our outlook changes our thinking and it’s our changed thinking that can precipitate better decisions, better actions and better results.

Here’s another sporting analogy and a different outlook. Many years ago I heard the All Blacks (No.1 in the world at the time – as they usually are) Rugby Coach being interviewed ahead of a game against England. When asked what he though England’s tactics would be and how he’d counter them he replied, “We’ve got so many things that we need to be working on I haven’t even thought about England and how they might play.”

Perhaps we shouldn’t be thinking or looking at our competition at all! Perhaps we should be just focusing on improving how we serve our customers and constantly exceeding their expectations. Perhaps we shouldn’t be distracted by what our competition are up to.

Business Improvement

Or perhaps we should adopt a combination of these two different outlooks.
(i) Focusing directly on serving our chosen marketplace to the best of our ability.
(ii) Keeping other service providers in our peripheral vision as a one of the ways of driving us to be the best we can be.
Be bold and committed and challenge yourself to look at things differently.

Take Action Now

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