What  clients say about working with Mark

“Challenged Our Management Thinking”

Wendy Heyes and David Maitland testimonialsAt CC Electronics Europe we manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs) and employ 75 people. David Maitland (MD) and I have been working with Mark for nearly 2 years now. Trading conditions have been really tough but we’ve made good progress in terms of profitability and putting good systems in place. We’ve got greater vision, better focus, very targeted plans and far more involvement from the team. Historically we were poor planners who ran off gut feeling. We still have the gut feeling but it’s properly brainstormed, challenged and committed to in a plan! This is how I’d summarized our progress: increase profits – achieved; less reliance on directors – well on the way; happier organisation – achieved; hugely improved factory standards – achieved; greater accountability – improving; R&D leading to new processes and systems – on-going; greatly improved status within the industry – achieved and on-going; unique website within the industry – achieved; better planning – default diaries, all meetings have times set and agendas; information shared with the team as to our progress; excellent sales & marketing plan; technology radar well under way. We’re not where we want to be yet but we’re heading in the right direction.
Wendy Heyes Director of CC Electronics Europe

“Keeping Ahead of the Game”

kirk.robertson.of.sportswear.internationalI’m Kirk Robertson and I’m Managing Director of Sportswear International. We supply sportswear and uniforms to schools in the UK and internationally. I was open to idea of Business Coaching because of my experiences of working with a personal trainer. I got far better results working with someone along side me in the gym so believed that the same would be true with someone along side me in my business. The main benefit I got from working with Mark was making sure that I was focused on the most important things in the business and getting the results in the timescales I set for myself. Another benefit was the bouncing of ideas off Mark and using him as a sounding board for helping me solve problems. It was useful to have someone who had been at a similar level in other companies but who wasn’t part of the team and could offer me an uncoloured view of how things were. I also use Mark to work with senior members of the team and used him to help us put important presentations together. He ran several presentation training days for the team and also facilitated our company days. The business has definitely benefited. Whilst we were working with Mark we moved to new bigger premises, strengthened the senior team and had a record year, all of which Mark played a part in. I would recommend anyone to look at Business Coaching. It generates a different speed by concentrating the mind on what you are trying to achieve. I also found that because my effectiveness improved the whole team lifted their game. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go.
Kirk Robertson Managing Director of Sportswear International

“A Clearer Outlook”

don-tomlinsonmax20 is a specialist recruitment business providing IT staff to the NHS throughout the UK.  Our uniqueness is that we’re dedicated to only recruit IT contractors for the NHS and have done so successfully over the past 12 years.

I have always been interested in self-improvement and a few years ago I started looking for someone local who could provide me with one-to-one support and guidance.  Mark was introduced to me a few years ago and I immediately felt he had a good handle on our business and was able to relate easily to my situation at that time.

Mark is someone who comes across very well, he listens well and in many ways acts as a sounding board for your own ideas when there is no one else around.

Mark has helped me and the team to keep focused on what is important to the success of our business.  The whole team, including our Admin Manager have benefitted from his help.

Our outlook for the business is now a lot clearer – we know our strengths better and also our direction and focus is much better than before.

I would say all businesses can benefit from the skills and expertise of a good, independent coach who, whilst remaining on the outside of your business, is still committed to helping the business grow in a structured and successful way.

Don Tomlinson.  Managing Director of max20


Cheryl Lockley - DSL Engineering ServicesMark took the time to discuss and understand our long term objectives before putting forward his proposals to work with us on a bi-monthly basis.
Mark’s experience, understanding and knowledge were immediately apparent. He provided visual aids, reading material, focus sheets and carried out individual profiling which had a hugely beneficial effect on the management team.
Mark’s ability to understand the needs of our business and help us recognise the weaknesses was ultimately instrumental in the business recruiting several key members of staff ensuring that the Directors had time to focus on the growth and profits of the business.
He gave us the confidence and support to make decisions we had previously put off.
After working with Mark for less than 12 months we had the confidence to move into premises 3 times larger than the existing building and formulate a 5 year recruitment plan for the growth of the business.
As a management team, we constantly pat ourselves on the back for taking the decision to work with Mark would have no hesitation in recommending Mark.
Cheryl Lockley Director of DSL Engineering Services

“Challenge & Change”

img_2379 As I reflect back on the 4 years (and counting) that I have owned my own business, I see business coaching as a key factor in enjoying a successful experience. My business improvement coach, Mark Dyble was able to pull our team together, challenge our values and aspirations, and thus allow the team to move forward together with shared goals and objectives.

This process of change would not have happened without Mark’s guidance and I would recommend business coaching in general and Mark in particular to anyone wishing to improve their business, or indeed to anyone who wishes to align their personal and business objectives.

Andrew Crowe, Director of Altrincham Autotecnic

“A No Nonsense Approach to Business Development”

brad-mcbrideI own and manager a number Cartridge World franchises in the Manchester and Cheshire area.  We pride ourselves on being able to supply (and deliver) virtually any printer cartridge (even for very old machines) at very short notice (often same day) at a low cost, with exceptional service (our drivers even install cartridges) and all with a smile!

I felt that I needed to focus more on developing the business instead on working in it. I chose Mark because I’d seen him speak at a number of events and was impressed with his no-nonsense approach.  Mark’s easy-to-follow steps meant that tasks that needed doing didn’t feel daunting. He provided me with the tools to develop the business gradually whilst keeping focused on the important things and letting go of some of my daily duties. I now have a clear goal for the business and it is now working for me. My team is more confident to take on extra tasks because of the systems that I’ve implemented. I have diversified the business to create extra income streams. I now use my business as a vehicle to achieve more in life rather than just as a job. I now reward myself for achievements within the business. This drives me on to constantly make improvements.

I think a person needs to want to improve. If someone doesn’t have the desire to improve or grow then they will not understand the benefit of a coach. If a business owner is stuck without ideas but needs to grow their business then every penny spent on a good coach is a real investment.

Brad McBride.  Cartridge World Franchise Owner

“Engaging the Right Business Coach”

mathew-foreshawEngaging a business coach is an important step for anyone who wants to grow and develop their business. Engaging the right coach is vital. Mark is without a doubt the right coach for me as an owner/manager, and for the team that supports me. It is difficult to list all the benefits that Mark brings, but the most important ones are

  1. Helping me to identify priorities by allowing me to step away from the detail and look at the business as a whole.
  2. Helping me to stay focused on a small number critical steps that will help me deliver my business goals.
  3. Being the impartial ‘wise head’ that every SME business owner needs from time to time.

Crucially, Mark comes with the depth of experience in the wider business world lacking in so many ‘coaches’. He won’t tell you how to do your job any more than Ivan Lendl teaches Andy Murray how to play tennis; crucially though he just might get you to that level of performance that has eluded you in the past. With Mark’s help I’m confident that we’re on the way to achieving our goals.

Mathew Forshaw. MD Finton Doyle Chartered Accountants


“Our Business Outlook is Good”

andrew-woodI run an expanding 3-studio photography business in South Manchester.   I have four kids so I’m pretty competent at getting a family to enjoy a studio portrait experience.  From that base we’ve grown and diversified to offer a wide range of professional photography:  Product, Commercial, Business Headshots and more recently Fashion, Makeover and our rapidly growing Boudoir specialism.

I found myself struggling to distinguish between what was important in my business and what was urgent.  I seemed to be very busy and yet not getting the results I wanted.  Or doing the things I’d promised myself!  Frankly, I knew I needed a bit of help!  I met Mark at a BNI meeting in Didsbury and asked him to visit me at the studio to see what he could offer. Mark came across as a genuinely nice guy and he hasn’t disappointed yet. The main benefit was to take a bit of time out and look at goal setting; how to get there and realise that by changing the way I was working it was possible. I now have more confidence and the outlook is good.

There’s been very strong growth since the moment Mark joined us.  Not that I’m giving him all the credit – we all had to work very hard but with Mark’s help we’ve achieved great results.  I’ve recommended Mark’s services to half a dozen other local businesses since.

It’s important you can build up a rapport with a coach.  You usually get a free consultation so use this to find someone you really believe in.  If Mark is on your shortlist I think you’ll find him close to the top by the time you’re done.

Andrew Wood.  Owner & MD of Andrew Wood Photography

“Good Start”

Jonathan CoupeWe knew we needed to do something to step the business up to the next level. We would never worked with an outsider before and deciding to go with Mark was a step of faith. 5 months on we believe its one of the best decisions we have ever made. Our level of enquiries over that period has more than trebled and we have definitely got a return on our investment. More importantly, we now know that we are putting the systems in place to deliver more consistent results for our customers, run the business more efficiently and to make sure we are focusing on the important stuff and not rushing around at 100 mile per hour. We started off with a complimentary session with Mark and got some real focus on how to improve our time-management. If nothing else, it’s a no brainer for anyone in business to at least take him up on a free session.
Jonathan Coupe Managing Director of The Kitchen Gallery

“Clarity & Focus”

Wendy Diddams & CoMy name’s Wendy Diddams and I have an optometrists practice in Knutsford. Our eye care centre specializes in looking after children and their families. I considered business coaching because running your own business can be lonely and there’s a lot of responsibility involved.
What I’ve found encouraging is that’s it’s nice to have someone on board who has a lot of business expertise and someone who’s on my side. Mark has helped me fill in the gaps in my business knowledge.
I now feel more confident of taking control of things and I’m much more focused on results. I’ve also leant how to manage my staff better. We’ve gone through 2 recruitment processes in the 20 months I worked with Mark and that was really helpful. The whole thing was quite different to how I thought it would be and we involved the whole team in the recruitment process.
The Planning Day workshops are excellent focus and mixing with 30 other business owners who are of same mind is very encouraging. You come away realizing that you’re not the only one and that other people are facing the same problems. You can learn a lot from listening to how other people approach their problems.
Despite a few bad weeks we’re still 20% up on last year, which is pretty good during a recession.
I’d recommend business coaching but if you’re not sure I’d have one of Mark’s complimentary sessions and if you’re like me you’ll be convinced at the end of it.
Mark’s own enthusiasm and high standards in everything he does is in itself very motivating because you feel you want to live up to those standards.
Wendy Diddams. Optometrist Practice Owner

“Guidance & Support”

David.HassanHaving worked with Mark for just over 3 years, I have found his guidance & support invaluable. Initially I had a complimentary session with Mark and then went along to one of his Planning Workshops. The next step was a big one for me to start working with Mark on a regular basis. I don’t think anything would have changed though if I hadn’t made that decision.
The last couple of years have been tough and we’ve had difficult decisions to make. Having someone along side me, being totally objective and also totally supportive has really helped. As well as good ideas and good solutions to problems, making me think, keeping me focused and making sure I’m keeping my commitments has pushed us further and faster than without that outside help.
As long as you’re open-minded and want to do better, I’d recommend getting in touch with Mark and at least having a chat.
Dave Hassan Managing Director of Chaintec

“An Exciting Future”

Vickie CorkAble 2 Physio is a small independent business providing physiotherapy services in Cheshire. Before I met Mark this is all I would have been, and I was struggling to manage all the different aspects of running a successful business as well as finding new clients. I was stressed and somewhat fearful of my potential.
Since joining forces Mark I have tripled my turnover, enjoy having more control over my business rather than it controlling me and I am very excited about expanding my clinics and I’m aiming to take on more therapists by the end of the year. It is so nice to know I don’t have to go it alone and receive the coaching I so badly need in Business skills. I am excited now about the future and potential of Able 2 Physio.
Vickie Cork Physiotherapist

“Relative Progress”

rob.barlowI’m Rob Barlow, MD of Relative Marketing. We’re a graphic design and digital marketing agency based in Bolton. We have been working with Mark for 18 months now. His input to our business has been fantastic. He’s brought invaluable insights to help us grow the business. He’s also made us look carefully at ourselves and how we do things. He’s constantly encouraging us to see how we can improve and raise our standards! We’ve adopted a fair few new disciplines which has freed us up to spend more time on the exciting stuff like creating impactful creative work for clients and bringing on board new clients. I would highly recommend Mark as a business coach. I really feel his help and support has been invaluable in helping us move our business to the next level. We feel we’ve got a good team now and still feel we’ve got lots of potential to grow and develop. If you’re keen to grow, I’d definitely recommend having an outsider involved. They bring a fresh perspective and new ideas, they question what you do and they really help to build momentum. I’ve really enjoyed working with Mark and would suggest that you should definitely meet up with him.
Rob Barlow Managing Director of Relative Marketeing

“Taken Much of the Pain Away”

simon.ReynoldsMy name’s Simon Reynolds, Commercial Director of Patient Plan Direct. We specialise in administering dental plans throughout the UK. I have been working with Mark now for almost a year. Mark has helped and continues to help me keep on track with ensuring I’m doing what’s important to help reach our long-term objectives. Mark holds me accountable for my own deliverables, as well as constructively challenging my own and my teams ideas and decisions. Mark has helped implement processes that have improved our sales process and the performance of our team. I would highly recommend Mark. He is highly experienced and genuine professional. For anyone looking to work with Mark or a business coach in general. My advice would be to be clear in what you want to get out of the exercise and appreciate it takes time and effort to implement change.
Simon Reynolds, Commercial Director of Patient Plan Direct

“An Oasis in the Desert”

Victoria.ArmstrongI’m Victoria Armstrong, CEO of The Oasis Centre in Gorton. Our vision is to see God-given transformation for the people of East Manchester: from chaos, isolation and hopelessness to stability, community, and fullness of life. I’ve known and worked with Mark now for several years now. Mark has had a significant impact on my personal development as CEO and impacted our fundraising strategy with amazing success. As well as helping us strategically and tactically, he’s also got involved in our fundraising efforts and is always on the looking to introduce me to people who may be able to help our cause. (He also does sterling work in coordinating clothing collections for our charity shop from his family and friends!) More seriously, if you are a small business or charity needing direction and support, I couldn’t recommend Mark highly enough! Give him a call.
Victoria Armstrong, CEO of The Oasis Centre

“The Way To Go”

Joel CopeI’m Joel Cope of Chelford Limited and we’re importers of distributors of key rings, stationary and jigsaws. Before I thought about Business Coaching I must admit that business had become a bit of a chore to come into each day; quite disorganized; with so much to do I was often not clear on what I should do first or do next. I considered Business Coaching because I wanted to set some foundations in place.
One of the benefits of working with Mark is that it’s taught me to objectively look at the business like an outsider. To see what things needed to be done to manage the business better and to put strategies in place for managing the staff better. Initially we focused on putting a debt collection process in place and that’s worked really, really well and we’re on top of our cash collection now.
Generally I feel more to top of the business and know what’s going on. Mark helped me build a dashboard that showed how the sales team were performing, how many appointments they’ve made, how many orders they’ve taken, what our cash position is, how much time orders are taking to process, etc. so I know straight away what’s happening in my business.
I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore when I’m coming into work and there’s been a lot more delegation. I feel the staff are taking more responsibility in different areas are just report back to me so I can spend more time on things I enjoy and the things that are more important to the business. It’s put the onus back on me. I’ve had to put personal disciplines in place and work on myself.
It’s been better than I expected and it’s brought a lot out of me and I’ve done things I didn’t think I was capable of. I never felt under pressure with Mark and he nurtured me towards my goals. Running your own business can be a lonely place and having a business coach is definitely the way to go.
Joel Cope Managing Director of Chelford Limited

“A Business that Works Without Me”

Steve Martin - Smart Financial PlanningMark assisted me and the business to cope with a key member of staff going on maternity. This event flagged to me that were very exposed to any issues with any staff members and that we needed to move to being on a much surer footing.

Mark and I worked together to design a recruitment process which attracted the right applicants, with a filtering method that was both effect and very time efficient leading to us employing two members of staff in quick succession. Both were great success and although one has since emigrated we have used them same system numerous times as we have built out team, never paid a recruiter and never made a mistake with our hires.
Steve Martin Owner of Smart Financial Planning

“Mystery Solved”

Oliver Haussels - C&O WinesI initially wanted to work with Mark on a development programme for my sales team. However, prior to the training we worked hard on putting together a marketing plan that put the sales team’s roles into a better framework. We got much clearer on how we wanted to position ourselves in the market and what was distinctive about what we offered our customers. We also put together a marketing campaign and sales process that took prospective clients from initial contact to first delivery. Before working with the team Mark mystery shopped my 3 sales people, playing the role of someone opening a new restaurant in the area. Phone calls and meetings were recorded and as part of the subsequent training each sales person listened to and critiqued their own recordings. This was fantastically powerful and gave each of them insights they’d never had before. The training itself was very hands on and interactive and we’re still working on the actions we took away from Mark’s training sessions. We will work with Mark in the future and I’d recommend anyone to sit down and look at how they might benefit from working with him.
Oliver Haussels Managing Director of C&O Wines

“Relaxing on a Beach”

Sarah Lott - Jungle Play CentresMy husband and I own The Jungle play centre in Warrington. Before we started our business, over six years ago, we had never worked for ourselves and hadn’t imagined just how much hard work it would be. We started working with Mark as our business coach/mentor about three years ago and we can honestly say that he transformed the way we do business. Until we met Mark we spent many hours working ‘in’ our business rather than ‘on’ it. Mark made us realize that by employing Managers to run the day to day business, we could concentrate on what we do best and what we most enjoy – coming up with new ideas, implementing them and enjoying the fruits of our labour!

We now spend our time looking at the bigger picture, what new things we can introduce and what needs to be improved. We have Assistant Managers and a General Manager who look after The Jungle in Warrington and have just signed the lease for our second play centre.
It may seem a big expense to employ a business coach but it can be worth its weight in gold when you are relaxing on a beach, cocktail in hand, all paid for by your own business!
Sarah Lott – Owner of The Award-Winning Jungle Play Centres

“Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet”

ruth-okeefeI am Head of Trafford Music Services.  We are growing rapidly and have ambitious plans for the future.  We are highly passionate and dedicated about what we do.  We aspire to give every child in the borough of Trafford the opportunity of a musical education, regardless of their financial means.  We are also learning how to operate as a business.

I had been looking for the right Leadership Coach for some time when I met Mark.  3 months on, Mark has had a huge impact on all areas of my work. I am far more focused and better equipped to take the music service forward.  Above all else I have felt supported, not just through the sessions but in between as well. Mark sends relevant information, thoughts and tasks throughout the week which are useful in themselves but also steer my thought processes towards the goals I’ve set.  He constantly keeps nudging me in the right direction and at the right pace.  He genuinely cares about the growth and development of my service, my staff and me as an individual. He is motivational in himself, setting high standards and as an example, being committed to his own development and business growth.

Many of my senior leadership team have attended Mark’s seminars and sessions which have really galvanised them. Mark has worked with different teams within my organization, always steering them  to positive outcomes which positively impact our finances, systems and work culture.  ‎We are at the beginning of our journey with Mark, but in our first 3 months we have made significant progress.

I would highly recommend Mark to any organisation – there is always room for improvement ‎and with Mark’s support I have every confidence that even the most ambitious targets will be achieved.

Ruth O’Keefe.  Head of Trafford Music Services

“Building a Business to be Proud Of”

Nick JohnsonNick Johnson Building Contractors are a relatively small construction company with aspirations of growing into a bigger business. We work to extremely high standards both in terms of the actual construction work and how we interact with our clients. We do all types of construction work but are developing a specialism and reputation within disability adaptation projects. I, probably like most small business owners, am so busy working in the business that I only have time to think about current issues and problems within the business. I never used to get around to doing anything about it. Since working with Mark I have started to turn things around. I meet Mark weekly and with his support and direction progress has been made. The coaching sessions have turned the thoughts into actions.
Nick Johnson Managing Director NJBC

“Business Growth and Personal Growth”

Kelly Gilmour-GrassamMaking You Content are a Manchester-based Copy Writing Agency. We’re famously reliable, have a great eye for detail, and believe that quality web content shouldn’t cost the earth. Most importantly, we know that Great Copy Sells. I would highly recommend Mark’s services for anyone wanting to improve processes within their organisation, overcome limiting beliefs and develop a measured approach to growth. He really helped me broaden my horizons, from prices to planning, with a coaching service that worked around my business.
Kelly Gilmour-Grassam Managing Director Making You Content

“A Healthier Business!”

Amanda EllwoodMark has supported me over the since July 2016 in growing my business Eat Your SelfWell Nutritional Medicine & Wellbeing Coaching.

I have been in practice several years, but always struggled to find new clients through the internet (most were via referral / word of mouth). I had been unsuccessful using paid advertising, and was really struggling to run a profitable business.

I met Mark at several networking meetings, and after some discussion, he persuaded me that he could help. The first thing he asked me to was: “Measure something – Measure Anything” – I had no real ‘metrics’, so I didn’t really know how my business was going. He helped me by asking difficult and challenging questions when we met, and setting me homework to deliver for our next meeting.

Mark’s practical application of business coaching has had a real impact on the way I run my business – I had no business background, and really needed to support with some of the basics. Now I have a much more disciplined approach and a greater understanding on how to run a profitable enterprise.

The result for my business has been incredible: month–on-month growth, such that the number of clients I see had more than doubled over the last year. I know there is more to be done, to keep my business growing and buoyant, and I know Mark will be there to support and challenge me.

I can’t thank you enough Mark!
Dr. Amanda Ellwood – Owner Eat Yourself Well