A Business Coaching Party Trick to Improve Your Business Presentations

A Business Coaching Party Trick to Improve Your Business Presentations

When I was a teenager I taught myself how to memorise a deck of shuffled cards. This earned me a fair few drinks over the years and impressed a few people. If you periodically have to make business presentations you can use the same technique to help you deliver more persuasive and influential presentations. It is a technique so you can easily learn it.

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When we’re faced with making a presentation our initial instinct is to start producing PowerPoint slides. We’re often tempted use slides as a memory prompt rather than an enhancement to what we want to say.

The truth is, we are the star of the show, not our slides. Our audience wants hear our words and see our passion.

Use slides only if they add something that you want to share. If you do use slides, recognise they are good for pictures, photos, illustrations, diagrams, graphs, etc. They’re not good for words – words are your part in this double act!

And here’s another thought. If the technology failed or there was a power cut could you still make your presentation without slides?

The most powerful presentations are the ones that are delivered with passion, without notes and with only a few pictorial slides.

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But how to remember everything you want to say in your Business Presentations?

Having determined what you want to say break this down into a numbered list of points. Then insert these points into a familiar journey. Back in the day, the journey I travel is the house I grew up in. Somewhere I’m very familiar with. I can visualise every room and every cupboard in those rooms. If needed to, I can even journey through the garden and down into the local town. I can put everyone one of my points in a specific place. For example, I know that point 8 goes in my sister’s bedroom and point 19 goes in the downstairs loo!

The other half of the technique is to use imagery, colour, sound, movement, exaggeration, etc. to make every point a vivid and easily retrievable memory.

For example, in a recent talk my 5th point was to talk about the importance of monitoring Activity and Results. In my head, I was standing on the Small Landing and the Activity & Results Tracker was drawn as a grid in the condensation on the window. I was jumping up and down to read it (activity!).

One of the other advantages of minimising your slides is that you can go off piste, shorten your presentation or miss parts out if that’s what the situation calls for.

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Digging for Diamonds: Business Coaching Draws Out Your Potential

If you’d like to develop your skills at delivering persuasive and powerful presentations – or just to reduce the anxiety you feel – that let me know and we can do some 121 sessions or put together an open-course.

And if you’d like to brainstorm any other aspect of your business or organisation let’s grab a coffee sometime soon.

I learned the card memory technique from one of Tony Buzan’s Improve Your Memory books.

PS …and if you’d like to take a first step to making your business (and therefore your life) even better then check out our regular Planning Workshops

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