Bad News.  Bold Moves.

Bad News. Bold Moves.

There are only 6 and a bit weeks of business left this year. And then we’re into 2014.

As business owners most of our time is probably focused on the here and now – and the very near future. Yes, we should be pushing on and making these 6 and a bit weeks really count. Finishing 2013 on a high and giving ourselves some momentum as we move into 2014.

But part of our working week should be focused on our future – at least as far as 2014.

Same-old, Same-old
As the years come and go, its tempting to accept that next year should be at least as good as this year – and hopefully a little bit better (if the economy improves, if our customers start spending again, etc.).

So what would it take for us to believe that 2014 could be a significant year? A year of massive improvement rather than incremental improvement.

We run a Planning Workshop every January (Wed 15th Jan by the way) to help business owners plan out their year. But if 2014 is going to be a significant year, perhaps we need to start thinking before that.

Experience tells me that time-to-think often gets crowded out by do-do-do. So, to get the process going we’ve committed to getting business owners together, off-site, this side of Christmas, to get the process going. But only for 2 hours – nothing too onerous. And it’s first thing in the morning so we can swing by on the way into work. And there’s a choice of 2 dates. Here are the fuller details:

We’re going to focus on 4 key areas that could have a significant impact:

Mind-set: How might we change? Of all the important things in our business, we are THE most important. How we change could have a profound impact on our people and our results in 2014.

People: We’re unlikely to do this alone. As business owners we’re paid to lead our people to a bright future. Have we got the right people in the right places doing the right things with 100% commitment? How will we get them engaged in significant change and focused on a common goal?

Marketing: With whom do we really want to be doing business? How can we find them? How can we open a dialogue with them? How can we build a relationship with them?

Sales: Where the rubber hits the road. What’s going to get them to commit to doing business with us?

…the Events page has fuller details.

Taking Action
5 frogs sitting on a log. 1 decides to jump off. How many are left? Decisions don’t count. Only action counts. Do something about 2014 now.

Bill Hybles talks about receiving the comment (compliment), “Bold move!”. I like that. So what ‘bold move’ will we make to stand a chance of significant improvement in 2014?

Coming along to a 2-hour business seminar is not a ‘bold move’. But it’s an easy first step. And it shows we’re serious. And we’ll have started process of thinking about the ingredients we’re going to put into our plan for 2014.

You’ll get 3 things from those 2 hours: ideas, insights and inspiration. Drop us an email, give us a call or book through Eventbrite.

I didn’t get it when I first heard it. There are 5 frogs left. Deciding to jump is profoundly different from actually jumping.

Mark Dyble

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