Are You Game for a Christmas Wind-Up?

Are You Game for a Christmas Wind-Up?

Many people seem to be talking about winding down to Christmas. Others about starting new things in January. “It’s not worth starting now. We might as well start in the new year”.

There’s nothing stand-out about 1st January, apart from the pressure and weight of expectation – and in many cases, the certainty that those resolutions won’t work because they never do.

If you put your mind to it, you could get a lot done in 2 weeks, especially if everyone else is winding down to Christmas. I know you’d enjoy your Christmas break more if you cracked on to complete a mini-project over the next couple of weeks – perhaps something that you’ve been meaning to do for ages or something you’re putting off for next year. Imagine the satisfaction of completing one of next year’s must do’s by Friday 21st December!

Ironically, now is also a good time to start a new activity or habit. Why not consider starting something today? You could make good progress over the next couple of weeks. Keep it low key. Start small. No one will be watching. And who knows, you could be going into the new year with a bit of momentum and a little more confidence – because you’ve already proved to yourself that you can do it!  And, you won’t feel compelled to make those big, grand gestures on New Year’s Day!

Perhaps it’s a daily first-thing huddle with your team; or a 121 with someone; or capturing an activity measure each day; or making a couple of sales calls each day; or working on something important for an hour-a-day; or planning tomorrow at the end of each day; or going for a walk at lunch time.

What little thing could you (and your team) start today that will accumulate into a big difference next year?

Another topical conversation centres around the obligation to buy presents (as opposed to the joy of giving a thoughtful gift). More stuff to buy – more stuff coming our way. Perhaps over the next 2 weeks a clear out is in order to create space and capacity in your organisation – or life. And not just papers, magazines, reports, old bits of kit, freebie promotional pens, etc., but those things that are crammed into your day that add little value, no longer serve you and steal your time – certain meetings, report writing, email correspondence, conversations, etc.

Perhaps ask your team what they’d love to stop doing because it’s a waste of their time and doesn’t add any value. Start today! Why not?

So, we can either wind down to Christmas like the crowd or decide that the next 2 weeks are going to count. It’s our choice.

Once the New Year is out of the way, I’ll be running a business planning workshop in mid-January (date to be confirmed but either 9th, 10th or 11th). This is an opportunity to recognise and build on the progress you made in 2018; determine where you want to be at the end of 2019; and create an exciting, motivational and achievable action-plan to get there. A plan doesn’t guarantee success, but critically it points you in the right direction and increases the likelihood of you getting there. If you’re interested – or already convinced and committed – just drop me an email to or message or phone me on 07931 882 555.

Mark Dyble

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