An Important Christmas Present for Yourself

An Important Christmas Present for Yourself

Well, some of you might feel this isn’t a present you’d have on your Christmas list but it’s definitely an experience for next year you’ll enjoy and benefit from! And there is an early-bird available pre-Christmas.

As one year draws to a close and a new one dawns, this is the time to start thinking and planning for how both we and our organisation will develop and grow next year.

I’m running my customary planning workshop early January. Participating in this workshop will ensure you’ve got something specific to aim for next year. We are inherently goal-seeking beings and thrive when we have a purpose to pursue. The raison d’être of the planning workshop is to ensure you have set some meaningful and specific goals and to facilitate you creating an action plan to move in that direction and achieve those goals. You may want to bring a colleague to help in the process.

In addition to a plan, the day will give you some new knowledge to help with developing your business and managing yourself and your time; and it’ll give you a great injection of energy and enthusiasm to crack on and implement your plan.

You can put it on your Christmas list or you can just buy it for yourself now.

Given that we expect sales to happen before Christmas now, there is an attractive early-bird you’ll appreciate. Commit now and your investment is just £125 (which is less than last year) rather than the full price of £245. Available until Christmas Eve. Bring additional people along from your organisation for £85. (all plus vat).

You can see more details and book on Eventbrite or you can email or call me directly. If you’ve not been before, I’m very happy to put you in touch with a couple of people (from the many) who’ve come along to these events before. I’ve been successfully running these events for 12 years now.

There’s a choice of 3 dates:

  • Wednesday 9th
  • Thursday 10th
  • Friday 11th

It’s a full day, starting at 9:30am and finishing at 4:30pm.

The workshop is being held at Altrincham Town Hall WA14 1PG

Planning materials and lunch are included.


Mark Dyble

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