Action speaks louder than words.

Action speaks louder than words.

And simple is better than complex.  Writing a blog has been on my agenda for some time now.  I needed to do various modifications to my website to ensure my blog dovetailed seamlessly.  I wanted to have a number of posts drafted out in advance.  I needed a good design that reflected my standards and ethos.  I needed links.  So ‘writing a blog’ become a carry-over from my quarter 1 plan to quarter 2 and now into quarter 3!

And then I decided, if I had something good to share then I should just get on and share it.  I didn’t need fancy design, links, an enhanced website or pre-prepared content.  I needed to spend 7 minutes putting a few basics into Google Blogger and just get writing.  The refinements could come later.

So, a little later than planned, I’ve now broken my duck and have written my first blog post.

The Hardest Part of Business Development is Taking The First Step!

I guess that I’ve just taken a dose of my own medicine and followed Nike’s adage of ‘Just Do It!’.  And I guess my blog is an example of many of the good things we all plan to do.  The longer we leave them the harder they are to start.  Time allows us to make them more difficult and more complex.  Which makes them even harder to start.

Simple advice and we all know its true, but ‘just doing it’ is sufficient to give us that tiny bit of momentum and encouragement to carry on.  It’s never as hard as we think.  And it doesn’t take as long as we think.  And it really does feel good afterwards.

So, what’s been on your list for too long?  Decide if it really is important.  If it’s not, cross it off.  If it is important (or fun), decide what a simple step could be to get you going.  And get on and do it today!  Honestly, start it today.

(Carrying on is another story for another day. We’ve done the hardest bit; we’ve started.)

Share your success and let me know what you’ve started today.

Just Do It

PS …and if you’d like to take a first step to making your business (and therefore your life) even better then check out our regular Planning Workshops

Mark Dyble

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