A good year for the roses?

A good year for the roses?

Whether you consider its been a good year or not, I know that there’s been some good stuff in both your professional and personal life. I can also guarantee that you won’t be able to recall 80% of it. So, whether its with a few work colleagues or your family – or both – why not ask everyone to recall the good stuff that’s happened over the past 12 months. Their memories will help to trigger yours. Its a fun, light hearted exercise to do. I guarantee that it’ll make you feel good.¬†And its an important exercise to do. Its far better to have those positive memories to carry forward with you and to build upon next year. If you’re really keen, perhaps jot down all the good things you can recall – although getting your journal out over Christmas dinner might be just a little too keen!

I always like today because the days are now getting longer. Well, the days are still 24 hours but we’re getting a little more day light each day!

Yes, whoever we are, we all get a fresh 24 hours every day – no more and no less. The question is what will we do with our 24 hours. If you’re someone who wants to set some fresh goals for 2016 – and stand a decent chance of achieving them – consider coming along to our planning workshop on Wednesday 13th January. I guarantee that it’ll increase you’re chances of having a good year and achieving those goals.
Planning Day Wed 13 Jan

Mark Dyble

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