Here’s 3 ways to divide up your working week

Here’s 3 ways to divide up your working week

I recently attended a lunch where Managing Director Phil Jones shared a few helpful insights as to how he operates as a leader at Brother UK.

One aspect that resonated for me was how he invests his time. Whilst it sounded enviable and a tad idealistic, it illuminated a way towards how we might become more effective in leading our departments, organisations and businesses. (As always, if we’re currently 3/10 at something, we’re not suddenly going to become a 10/10 but we can become a 4/10 over the next 30 days!)

So, one third of Phil’s time is invested OUT of the business learning – observing how the world is changing; seeing how peoples’ habits are changing; seeing trends and spotting new needs and demands; gleaning new knowledge from conferences; honing skills; acquiring new skills.

Another third is invested ON the business – thinking; conceptualising; developing strategy; planning – all based on what he’s brought back from OUTside the business and his thinking and intuition.

The final third is invested working IN the business. And in Phil’s case working IN the business doesn’t mean packing printers into boxes or inspecting printed circuit boards. Its spent with his people, explaining why the business has to change, why they have to adapt, why they have to develop new skills – what he calls WHAM – winning hearts and minds!

It’s true that most of our situations aren’t like Phil’s. However, there’s no benefit in being dismissive and pooh-poohing the gap between his working week and ours. I know that Phil didn’t arrive at this position overnight and I’m sure he has days that turn to crap just like the rest of us.

So, what can you do to be a more effective leader in your organisation? How can you invest your time more wisely? Spending 10 minutes at coffee-break just thinking about the answers is a step in the right direction.

Interestingly, a client recently asked his team what they wanted him to do (with his time). He thought they would see him as a ‘good bloke’, ‘one of the lads’, if he mucked in and helped them out. They didn’t!! They just wanted him to get out of the building and get some more business in so they didn’t have to worry if they’d have a job next month!

We are paid to lead. Our people need us to lead. So start thinking about how to become a more effective leader and how to spend more time doing the things that leaders do.

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