3 Simple Time Management Techniques

Time management is always on everyone’s shopping list of desired improvements. I’m going to cover at least 15 strategies and tactics at tomorrow’s seminar (https://markdyble.eventbrite.co.uk) but here are 3 simple ones you can run with straight away.


1. The 5 Minute Time Management Coffee Rule

We often incentivise ourselves with the thought of a coffee break when we’ve completed a piece of work. Instead of treating yourself to a coffee when you’ve finished that piece of work, go and make a coffee 5 minutes after starting the next one. Your coffee break will be shorter, you’ll be keener to get back to work and you’ll find your thinking will be clearer and sharper.

2. The Problem Interruption Time Management Rule

If one of your team comes to you with a problem tell them you’re in the middle of something and pop back at 5:30pm. It’s amazing how many problems get sorted before it’s home time!

Most of the senior business people I meet like solving problems. They’re good at it and it makes them feel valuable. However, collecting other people’s monkeys (problems) isn’t smart and it doesn’t develop our team’s problem solving muscles. You pay them to solve problems so that you can invest your time in finding and developing your best opportunities.

If you’re working on something important have a ‘closed door’ policy. You’re only to be interrupted if the buildings on fire. And turn your email and phone off too.

3. The End of Day Time Management Rule

Before you leave for the day, simply write down the 5 most important things you must do tomorrow and leave the list in the middle of your desk. It means you’re coming into a prioritised agenda the following morning (rather than being driven by email).

An additional benefit is that your subconscious will go to work on the list in the background and you’ll come to your list with some of the thought processing already done.

If you have a team who work for you, suggest/insist that they do the same – a clear desk with a simple list in the middle of it. It should make reassuring reading as you leave at the end of the day.

A Few More Time Management Solutions

I’ll cover more about time management at tomorrow’s ‘Developing Your Business’ seminar. We’re meeting from 8:00am for an 8:30am start and we’ll be wrapped-up by 10:30am.
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If you’d like to join us simply reply to this email, call me on 07931 882 555 or register through Eventbrite: https://markdyble.eventbrite.co.uk

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