Here’s A Team Building Workshop that will Improve Communication and Team Performance

On an individual level a Behavioural Profile Report will raise our awareness of and our understanding of why we behave in a certain way. With that knowledge we can choose to modify our behaviour to better suit different situations. It can help us see why a particular role or aspect of our job feels difficult or stressful – and what to do about it. At the organisational or team level, Behavioural Profile Reports help us understand why other people behave the way that they do. As well as appreciating differences we can then learn to behave differently (more appropriately) with different people in order to improve communication, understanding and relationships. For such a simple and inexpensive exercise Behavioural Profiling can have a disproportionately profound impact on organisational harmony and performance.

  • Helps the individual understand themselves better
  • Essential in any personal development programme
  • Boosts Confidence & Motivation
  • Vital tool for new supervisors, managers & leaders
  • Key selection tool in a Recruitment campaign
  • Great Team Building tool
  • Improves all working relationships
  • Essential for all people involved in Sales & Customer Service

We can run a single individual report for you or we can run a 1/2 day or full-day Behavioural Profiling Team Building Workshop for up to 40 people.

If you want to know how Behavioural Profiling can help you do that then please call me now on 07931 882 555